Design, Qualification and Production are our offer for success in creating electrical connections.

The extra-flexible braids in the INTERNATIONAL WIRE range are designed from assemblies of 0.05mm (AWG 44) or 0.07mm (AWG 41) wires.

The braids are available as pearled round braids, square braids or flat braids and can be produced in bare, tin-plated and silver-plated copper wire.

The combination of flat braids or round braids with the appropriate wire diameter make it possible to design the best technical solution to suit the braid’s operating conditions.

This technical optimization ensures an optimum braid service life, thus limiting replacement or maintenance operations and reducing costs.

The range

  • Standardized sections :
    • 0,5 mm² to 30 mm² en in round or square braids,
    • 5 mm² to 50 mm² in flat braids.
  • Wire diameter : 0.05 mm (AWG 44) & 0.07 mm (AWG 41).
  • Finishes :
    • bare copper,
    • tin-plated copper,
    • silver-plated copper,
    • nickel-plated copper


In environments where the electrical connection is subjected to a considerable number of movements or operations sush as:

  • Carbon brushes for electric engine, starter engine.

In environments where the electrical connection requires dynamic characteristics and fundamental flexibility for proper operation such as circuitbreakers from 0 to 5000 A.


Our manufacturing facilities, capable of producing any types of braids, enables us to provide our customers with the best value for money solution.

Our knowledge of the market, our experience and in-house laboratory give us the capabilities required to develop the accurate braid for each application.