Flexible Earthing Braids

The largest range of earthing braids on the market. UL certificates.

Flexible Earthing Braids connections designed and manufactured by International Wire Europe are a reliable and convenient grounding solution for applications that require flexibility and durability.


The company’s main product, we offer a wide range to suit our customers: International Wire Europe offers a wide range of earthing braid connections with curved or square ends. They are made of highly flexible flat material : Cu-ETP bare or tinned copper.

Our earthing braids are UL certified and can be used for all grounding applications.

They are designed from flat braids made of tinned wire 0.20mm. The lugs are made of tinned copper strips for the curved ends and crimped tubes for the square ends.

The curved shape of the connector ends makes them easy to install.


Flexible Earthing Braids are designed from flat tinned copper braids, 0.15 and 0.20 mm wire (AWG 35 and 32)

The contact pads are made of tinned copper
• Rectangular range: crimped tube
• Rounded range: tinned copper strip

Our earthing braids can be used for all grounding applications.


Our earthing braids are UL 467 certified (Standard for Grounding and Bonding Equipment)

File number: UL n° E497172

Copper classification NF EN 13602 ( NFC 31 111)

Designation : Cu-ETP

The range

Standardized sections: from 2 to 250 mm².

Hole to hole length: from 100 mm to 600 mm in steps of 50 mm. Other lengths on request.

Wire diameter:

  • 0.05mm (AWG 44) to 0.25mm (AWG 30)

Hole diameters: from 4.5 to 12.5 mm


  • Other lengths between axes on request
  • Specific packaging: bag of 10 or 25 pieces

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