Pressed Welded Shunts

The INTERNATIONAL WIRE Pressed welded shunts are made with an assembly of strips.

The terminals are manufactured according to the press-welding process.

This same process allows the solid reconstitution of the material which constitutes the terminals under the associated combinations of both pressure and temperature.

Consequently, the contact resistance between the strips does not exist any longer, same for the rooting up effect of the material at the time of machining, drilling or punching of the endplates.


All applications linked to power and supply production, furnaces, electrolysis.

Medium voltage electrical appliances (Switchboards – Circuit breakers – Inverters/converters)

Transformers – power distribution.


  • Pressed welded shunts process enables to preserve the physical characteristics (electrical – mechanical and thermic) of the strips assembly.
  • Press-welding :
    • Shaping of the shunts.
    • Surface treatment of the terminals: tinned or silvered with DALIC process.
  • BT press welding :
    • Additional silvered strip without any residual chemical rejection during the exploitation.
    • Limitation of the temperature elevation during the welding process in order to prevent the oxydation of the raw material on the flexible part of the shunt together with contact endplate.

The range

  • Standard widths : from 20 to 200mm (other dimensions upon request).
  • Strip thickness : from 0.1 mm to 0.3 mm.
  • Shunt Thickness : as from 10 mm up to 40 mm (other dimensions upon request).

Options :

  • External strips insertion with silver plated strips to guarantee the end plates protection without any chemical treatment.
  • Surface treatment of the terminals: tinned – silvered – nickel plated or gold plated.
  • Added contact plates.
  • Terminal finishing : machining – drilling or punching.
  • Customized specific shaping.
  • Extra flexible shunt mechanically strengthened.
  • Autres procédés de soudure ou d’assemblage :
    – MIG welding
    – Tin welding
    – Riveting
    – Rolled up shunt