Green power

Unique know-how in the production of flexible connections.

International Wire Europe develops connectivity solutions for green power.

In partnership with our customers, recognized players in the wind and solar industry, we develop specific and innovative solutions for power connections or grounding. Our solutions are adapted to the hardest environments: off-shore maritime, tropical or desert area.

Our industrial organization, quality and logistics ensure a quality of service beyond all expectations.

For us, success means a product that performs better than expected and is competitive with standardized solutions.



Our employees know the green power market perfectly. Our teams partner with our customers in a co-development process to develop the product that will meet their needs.


  • Voltage drop
  • Overheating
  • Rapid temperature variation
  • Salt mist
  • Mechanical fatigue test
  • Vibration


We have the largest European product range, dedicated to electrical connections made with braids and strips. Our high performance industrial tool allows us to produce small, medium and large series.



Flexibility at the service of energy distribution.

• Power distribution
• Lightning protection
• Equipotential links
• Braids Power connections
Press-welded expansion shunts
Earthing Braids and connections


Reliability at the service of equipotential links.

• Inverter – transformer connection
• Flexible distribution system
Power connections in red copper braid or insulated braid
Flexible busbar
• Harsh environment connections
Earthing braid