Flexible Busbars

The Flexible Busbars solution, easy to implement and economical for your low voltage electrical panels and automotive connections.

International Wire Europe’s insulated Flexible Busbars made of a stack of conductive blades in bare or tinned cover, coated with a black PVC insulation.
Cut, fold, drill, install !

The most complete ranges on the market: PVC 105 ° C, 125 ° C or halogen-free.
Available in lengths from 2 to 4 meters, from 9 to 120 mm wide and from 1 to 12 strips.


The Flexible Busbars are the only electrical connection system integrating all functions : shaping – connectors – conductor insulation and insulated support. The manufacturing cost of the connection is reduced by using a sole component compared to the price of cables + supports + connectors.
With reference to rigid bars :

  • Increasing of electrical performance with improvement of safety
    (higher current density with insulation for a same section of copper).
  • Easy shaping thanks to the flexibility of the strips in comparison
    with rigid bars.

With reference to cables :

  • Time saving by the simplicity of connection manufacturing using
    no added connectors.
  • Suppression of the contact resistance between the cable and the
  • Gain of volume with the folding in comparison with the curvature of a cable.


  • Power transmission, replacing cables, rigid busbars
  • Electrical appliances (cabinets, circuit breakers, inverters)
  • Transformers (connection between the busbar and the transformer)

The range

Standard lengths: 2000 mm and 3000 mm (other dimensions on request).
Strip thickness: from 0.5 mm to 1 mm.
Blade widths: from 9 mm to 120 mm
Number of strips from 1 to 12 maximum.

  • tinned copper
  • copper clad
  • flexbar connections.
  • high performance PVC insulation 125 ° C.
  • high performance PA