Design, qualification and production are what we offer to create electrical connections that meet your needs.

International Wire Europe has a design office and a workshop dedicated to the railway market.

Certified AFAQ ISO 9001, INTERNATIONAL WIRE is also audited by the main manufacturers (Alstom…) and is able to meet the most demanding qualifications.

Our know-how enables us to meet the complex technical requirements of different projects.

For us, success means a product whose performance exceeds expectations and is competitive with standardized solutions.

Tresse Métallique J.FORISSIER is nowadays a first class supplier in the railway industry. We are designer and manufacturer of electrical flexible connections including customized lugs and ultra flexible conductors. We offer to our customers a large support in the design and the conception of the connectors in order to meet the optimized answer between Function, Cost, Easy fit and High quality level.

And also…

  • Solutions for signage and infrastructure
  • Solutions for air conditioning and electrical distribution inside the train


Our employees know the railway industry perfectly. We partner with our customers in a co-development process to jointly develop the product that will meet their needs.


  • Voltage drop
  • Overheating
  • Rapid temperature variation
  • Salt mist
  • Mechanical fatigue test
  • Vibration
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Knowledge of standards, main customer specifications. Internal means for the dimensioning of products and partnership with approved external laboratories.


International Wire Europe has the largest European product range, dedicated to electrical connections made with braids and strips. Our high performance industrial tool allows us to produce small, medium and large series.

Our products


power rail connection

mass braiding