Electrical Equipment

Standard and tailor-made solutions for conductivity and grounding.

We manufacture and design flexible electrical connections for the electrical equipment market.

Indeed, for over 60 years, International Wire Europe has been developing all connection solutions related to the following applications

  • Flexible connections for circuit breakers and disconnectors.
  • Flexible power connections for electrical cabinets.
  • Grounding connections.

In addition, we bring our know-how in the design and production of components for Low Voltage Switchboards.

A wide range of standard products: our product families meet all needs such as elements for low voltage switchboards.

Specific components: we bring our know-how in the design and production of components for low voltage switchboards.

For us, success means a product whose performance exceeds expectations and is competitive with standard solutions for electrical equipment.


Our employees know the electrical industry perfectly. Our teams partner with our customers in a co-development process to develop the product that will meet their needs.


  • Voltage drop
  • Overheating
  • Rapid temperature variation
  • Salt mist
  • Mechanical fatigue test
  • Vibration


We have the largest European product range, dedicated to electrical connections made with braids and strips. Our high performance industrial tool allows us to produce small, medium and large series.


Low Voltage General Board

Flexibility at the service of energy distribution.

• Insulated flexible bar
PBFC power connections
Ground braid

Circuit breakers and protective equipment

Reliability at the service of equipotential links.

Extra-flexible round braids with 0.05 mm (AWG 44) and 0.07 mm (AWG 41) wire
• Compacted braids

Inverters and Energy Storage

The solution to heat dissipation.